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Fire Blanket 1.2 x 1.2 m
A popular choice fire blanket for kitchens, offices, homes laboratories uses…• Size: 1.2 x 1.2 m• Height: 200 mm• Width: 170 mm• Depth: 40 mm
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Fire Extinguisher Ball AFO
Great for kitchens, Hotels, Supermarkets…• Weight: 1.3 kg• Activation Time: 3 – 5 seconds• Activation Temperature : 70⁰C• Easy to use: roll in fire• AGENT: ABC dry powder• Safe non toxic
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1 KG Powder Fire Extinguisher
It's specially designed for car and marine use· Equipment Directive MED 96/98/EC and CEN EN3.· Capacity is 1 kg.· PG1-B ABC INT ING ‘· FIRE RATINGS: 5A 34B C· CHARGE: 1 kg ± 5%· EXTINGUISHING AGENT: ABC dry powder· DISCHARGE: Discharge time: 7s· CYLINDER: Material of construction: Aluminium alloy 3003· Manufacturing process: Deep drawing· External painting: Polyester resin· Minimum thickness 75 micron· Corrosion resistance: 480 h minimum according to ISO 9227:1990· PRESSURE: Operating pressure, 20 °C: 9 bar· Operating pressure, 60 °C: 11 bar· Operating pressure, –30 °C: 6 bar· DIMENSIONS: Overall height: 295 mm Bottle OD:82 mm· WEIGHT: Empty / Charged: 0, 26 kg / 1, 26 kg· Origin : EU
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